We are absolutely overjoyed today, to launch the first of our new upcoming monthly promotional announcements- a series of brand new products, BIG customer discounts, fun competitions and FREE give aways, so ensure you check back with us here on our promotions page for the latest info.



The first oil ever to be released in the UK containing a Cannabis Rosin..

Introducing – GOLD EDITION

Today we are extremely proud to launch our already infamous Gold Edition oil, which has so far been exclusively available from our flag ship store on the island of Guernsey and now, our website shop – HERE

Our Gold Edition setting a historic precedent, is made using the same organic cold pressed hemp seed oil carrying agent as our other editions, with 500mg of our hand made Gold Edition Extract- a combination of our Sativa Whole Plant Extract containing 60% CBD and our Cannabis Indica Rosin, resulting in our Gold Edition 3% – Sativa dominant Hybrid oil.

The Gold Edition oil is smooth & a lot less earthy tasting than our regular editions and is the first oil ever to be released in the UK containing a Cannabis Rosina simple form of heat pressed Cannabis extract made by pressing small batches of only the finest cannabis flowers, at the optimum pressure and temperature- to remove as many of the plant’s invaluable cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and essential oils as possible.

We at The Original Alternative firmly believe this to be a superior extraction method as it is efficient and requires absolutely no solvents or exterior agents.

To celebrate launching Gold Edition to our UK and global customer base we will be offering a huge two week introductory discount, with our 10ml bottle, usually £102 RRP- available for £72*, a whopping 30% DISCOUNT and our sample 5ml bottles usually £51 RRP with a promotional price of £36*, a promotion that will also run in our Guernsey flag ship store- minus VAT.

*Discounts are added in the cart so no need for a discount code and this promotion does not run in conjunction with any other offers. 

This is the first of many new products and promotions to be announced every month with some incredibly exciting news along the way. As always, we couldn’t do any of this without the support of our valued customer base and the plant we love so much.