Curcuma Plus Capsules 425mg



Curcuma longa L. (Turmeric Root) Powder 318.75mg
Curcumin phospholipid extract (Meriva ®) 76.5mg
Boswellia serrata Roxb. phospholipid extract (Casperome ®) 21.25mg
Piperine (Bioperine ®) 8.5mg
HPMC Capsule

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Our Expert Practitioners have created the outstanding Curcuma Plus capsules which contain a phospholipid curcumin extract, which further enhances bioavailability of the herb, meaning that more of the active ingredients reach the blood stream and are not destroyed by the biological membranes of the small intestine. These also contain Frankincense and Piperine (black pepper extract), making them our top of the range anti-inflammatory – another one which works extremely well and symbiotically with CBD products.


Administration: Take one capsule morning and evening, unless otherwise recommended by your practitioner


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