Cacao Butter


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100% pure and natural, unrefined Cocoa Butter.
A rich, organic butter full of naturally beneficial ingredients that can be easily melted and applied all over the face and body with a beautiful chocolatey aroma. Contains lots of saturated fatty acids, making Cocoa Butter an excellent moisturiser for all skin types.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Cocoa Butter Unrefined Organic
INCI: Theobroma Cacoa Seed Butter
COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Dominican Republic (produced in the Netherlands)
ODOUR: Rich cocoa odour/similar to dark chocolate
COLOUR: Pale yellow to transparent yellow
EXTRACTION METHOD: Cocoa Butter is extracted from the whole cocoa bean. The beans are roasted then separated from the husks, leaving behind the cocoa nibs. The nibs are ground and melted, and then the cocoa solids and the oil are separated. The oil is then left to cool, leaving a solid pale yellow block of cocoa butter.



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